The Termite inspection (officially called a WDI, or “Wood-Destroying Insect” inspection is a very important part of any real estate transaction. Unfortunately, it’s also a part of the sale that can cause a great deal of frustration for real estate agents, buyers, and sellers alike.

Part of the problem is the inconsistency in approaches used by different inspectors. Some pest control companies look at termite inspections as opportunities to sell someone a termite job, so they price the inspection so low that unless they find something wrong, they’re losing money on the job.

Others take a mass-production approach, scheduling so many inspections for every day that there’s no way they can do a thorough job. These inspectors are a real estate agent’s worst nightmare because if they miss something during the inspection, it can damage the agent’s reputation or even result in litigation.

At Central Illinois Pest Management, we understand the frustration. But we also understand that when we do a real estate inspection, we’re participating in the biggest financial decision in someone’s life. An inspection is an important job in itself, not just an opportunity to sell something else. That’s why our policy is to perform a fair, honest termite inspection.

At Central Illinois Pest Control, we look upon real estate WDI inspections as an important part of the biggest financial decisions in someone’s life, not as an opportunity to sell a termite job. We pride ourselves on performing fair, honest, and thorough inspections. When we perform a WDI inspection, we thoroughly inspect all accessible areas of the structure for termites and other wood-destroying insects, as well as conditions conducive to termite infestation. We also provide a inspection detailed report that meets or exceeds the requirements of lenders and government guarantors like the VA, FHA, HUD, etc.

In short, we look at a WDI inspection as a job in itself, not as an opportunity for a sales pitch. Our responsibility is to you, the buyer; and we know how important an investment you are making, so we take that responsibility very seriously. If we find termites, carpenter ants, or other wood-destroying insects, we’ll provide a detailed report to the buyer and the agent. We’ll also provide you with a detailed explanation of what will be necessary to properly treat the problem, and an estimate of the treatment cost.

Our fee for WDI inspections begin at $99.00 for most homes. We are fully licensed, qualified, and insured to provide all reports required by any bank, credit union, or mortgage company, as well as those required by VA, FHA, or HUD for federally backed mortgages.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, please contact us.